Fitness Tip: Tips On How To Be Fit And Sexy

Have you ever felt like you’re not as attractive to your mate, your partner, or even just the opposite sex as you used to be? Could it be because you feel your body doesn’t look like you would like it to “in the bedroom”, so to speak? Maybe you just plain don’t feel as sexy as you used to, hum?

Do your “sexy bedroom clothes” stay in the draw and may be replaced by the “these will be ok” clothes?

If you’ve ever been fit and healthy, you already know that’s one of the keys to BEING a bit more sexy, if you will. Not only that, but being fit and healthy makes you feel more alive and more wanting to do something, which really makes you’re partner happy as well. *wink*

So, I’ll tell you what, let me see if I can help you get that feeling back by taking a few simple steps in the health and fitness department, ok?

Let’s Look at Food

Food can do a lot things to and for you….especially in the short term aspects. Different foods can affect how you feel, think and actually how your body acts as well. To be as sexy as you possibly can, you will want to avoid foods that will make you feel bloated, “full”, belch and just plain cause bad breath. (ewwwwwww!)

Let’s talk about fast food for a minute. How many times have you and your buddies joked about what certain fast food places do to the “smell of the card”? If you and you buddies talk about that, how do you thinks others may react to you? I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem to put me in the mood, so to speak. Let alone what your partner would think, or how that would react, if you know what I mean.

It’s not just fast food, but a lot of food places use a lot of salt in their foods. And what does salt do? It causes you to retain water and makes you bloated. Ask yourself this, how sexy are you when you feel bloated? If you feel that way, that vibe transmits to your your partner and that “special time” may not be as special.

Now, drinking a lot of water does flush out excessive sodium from your body and causes the bloating to not be as…..bloated, get it?

Eating a lot of starchy carbs usually leaves you feeling full and not wanting to do anything physical, so you may really want to pay attention to how much carbohydrates you put into your body.

Me being Italian, I LOVE garlic, but we all know garlic isn’t exactly the best smelling item, especially when it lingers in your body for a while. Same with peppers and onions. If you eat a lot of these items, learn how to freshen your breath, the healthy way. It goes without saying your mate will really appreciate your efforts as well.

Here’s a great trick that may help you eat healthier. Picture yourself nekked in front of you partner before you shovel that next plate of food in. Does that particular food help the picture or hurt the picture? If you’re already in great shape then WHOO HOO! You’re partner will be just as excited as you. But if not….well…..insert your own thoughts here.

Now remember the nekked picture next time you’re gonna go into that “all you can eat buffet”, or going through that fast food place. Now, think of that nekked picture when you’re about to eat that fresh fish, or nice salad, or that juicy steak you just grilled. I can promise you that vision will seem completely different depending on what you’re about to eat. Again, something to think about.

On the flip side, there foods that can make you look and feel sexy inside-out. Some include: raw veggies like spinach and broccoli, mushrooms and just about anything from your garden. Also meats such as chicken fish and beef. Oh, and fresh fruits and nuts are always a good thing as well. Of course there are others, but I just wanted you to be aware of some of the more basic ones.

Beleive it or not, water is GREAT for this “sexy” stuff as well. In addition to keeping you hydrated, it helps boost your energy, control your hunger and, like mentioned earlier, will help with that bloated feeling.

OK, now the food stuff is out of the way, let’s take a look “behind closed doors”, if you will. We all know that being sexy is a lot visually and mentally, but it’s also quite physical as well. How fit your are affects your sex drive. Think about it, if you feel fit, you portray an “aura” about you that affects the opposite sex as well. If you are comfortable with how you look physically, that “vibe” will be in the air with the opposite sex as well. Oh, I’m not saying being a super fit model, I’m just talking about being comfortable with yourself is all. And, if you feel comfortable with how you look, just think what your partner will think with this “vibe” in the air. Whoo Hoo! nuff said.

Be feeling comfortable is not all, being fit helps out in the bedroom as well. Guys, strength and stamina can outdo other attributes, if you know what I mean. That alone should make any male want to look and feel as good as he possibly can!

Let’s talk about working out, or just plain exercise.

Did you know, that why you exercise, you release endorphins, increases sex hormones, and is a great stress reliever. Oh, and not to mention exercise also helps you feel better about your body, which we just discussed. Does it matter what kind of exercise, usually not. But walking from the couch to the fridge, even though it may be more than you’re used to, just won’t cut it for what we’re talking about here. If you say, “I’m not motivated to do more”, than what do you think your partner thinks about you?

Hey, the bedroom is a two way street my friends. If you don’t want improvement, great. But it’s not always about what you want. Think about your partner every so often as well.

Studies have shown, and I don’t think this is much of a secret, that those who exercise on a regular basis have good self- esteem and feel good about their bodies. With that, obviously, leads to not only more “fooling around”, but it more enjoyable AND satisfying to all parties involved. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, If having more enjoyable, satisfying sex doesn’t get you motivated to start exercising, then I feel real sorry for your partner.

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